7 Strategies for Social Media, Storytelling & Your Brand  2/13/2016

Martyn Tipping, Partner with New York-based brand consultancy TippingGardner, discussed how brands can more effectively engage customers with the right kind of storytelling on social media during ECRM's Impulse, Front-End & Checklane and E-Cigarettes, Vapors & E-Cigars EPPS events held last week in Las Vegas. 

The key takeaways from his presentation can be applied to brands across all categories, and -- along with four excerpts from Tipping's presentation -- are presented in seven of the video clips below. They are:
  1. Know your audience
  2. Draw back the curtain
  3. Stand for something
  4. Stick to your story
  5. Meet the people
  6. Show'em how it's done
  7. Encourage customer content

The videos below also include information about TippingGardner's new Original Tales website, on which it is working with ECRM to collect brand origin stories from retailers and suppliers.

(To see the full playlist from the event, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the video player)

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content


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