Nielsen: What’s in Store 2016 and Beyond (On-Demand Webinar)  1/6/2016

Check out Nielsen’s most recent webinar What’s in Store 2016 and Beyond to learn about the top market trends you should to be poised to leverage this year. 

During the webinar, Nielsen SVP of Consumer Insights James Russo provides a five-year retail forecast including key factors that will influence the future of the business. Whether it’s evolving eating habits, local market changes, the multicultural consumer or rise of tech titans; you’ll need to know what to expect in the year ahead. 

Here are just a few highlights for the 2016 landscape:
  • Dollar and unit sales growth is expected in 2016, but will be only marginally better than 2015 
  • Increased growth is forecasted across a broader spectrum of departments and categories
  • The majority of shopping trips will be for immediate needs, not for stock up or routine trips 
  • Food consumption away from the home has surpassed in home consumption for the first time since 1992 and is continuing to grow
  • Changing eating habits allow for new opportunities for snacks as meals and on-the-go meal options
  • Over half of Americans will do more of their shopping online in 2020
Watch this quick summary video or check out the full webinar to learn more. 

Lauren Hosimer

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

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