VIDEO Q&A: RSVP Solutions Group, Part 2: Meeting Follow-Up  12/8/2015

ECRM event vetarans Andrea Leiser and Andre Gelinas of broker RSVP Solutions Group discuss how sellers can get the most out of their pre-scheduled meetings at ECRM's events.

In Part 1, they discussed how to prepare for the meetings using ECRM's digital tools, and what questions to drive the most benefit from the time they spend with buyers. In Part 2, they discuss how to best follow up with buyers after the face-to-face meetings at an ECRM event.

RSVP Solutions Group works with manufacturers on both sides of the US/Canadian border, bringing Canadian companies to the US market and US companies to the Canadian market. Its work includes all facets for going to market -- including merchandising, product development, marketing and sales for suppliers servicing retailer categories of Grocery, Bakery, Deli, HMR, Frozen, Confectionery and Specialty.

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Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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