Home & Gift Products Key Trip Drivers During Q4: Market Track  12/3/2015

When it comes to home and gift items promotions, no time is more active than the final three months of the year, as shoppers seek gifts and decorative items for their holiday décor. According to recent data from Market Track, retailers are considering these seasonal gifts and holiday décor items key trip drivers during the final quarter of the year.

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Market Track, which monitors advertising, promotions, and pricing across all retail channels, found that during the 12 months ending in October 2015, 69% of home and gift category promotions in retail circulars were featured in October, November, and December—and 44% were promoted in November alone. 

This spike in home and gift category promotions seen in print circulars was also evident in retailer digital advertising. In the 12 months ending October 2015, 52% of annual home and gift promotions on retailer websites, and 47% of retailer email promotions were featured during the months of November and December. 

Of the retail channels, the mass channel accounted for 32% of all home and gift promotions between November 2014 and October 2015, according to Market Track data.  


Ryne Misso

Director of Marketing
Market Track

Ryne Misso is the Director of Marketing at Market Track, a global provider of advertising and promotional tracking, brand protection, and eCommerce pricing solutions. Over 1,200 clients leverage Market Track’s competitive insight into print, digital, broadcast and eCommerce to optimize their advertising strategy. Prior to transitioning to Marketing, Misso spent four years in account management for Market Track’s small and mid-market manufacturer vertical.

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