Event Buzz: Candy Planning - Halloween  12/28/2015

The chocolatey goodness that fills Halloween bags every year is on the decline. During the ECRM Candy Planning: Halloween event, that took place at the beginning of December 2015, manufacturers and retail buyers noticed a significant decline in the number of chocolate items that were presented throughout the course of the event. Instead, novelty, sour and other non-chocolate candy proved to be a more popular option as we move into 2016.  This is most likely due to the rise in cocoa prices while sugar prices stay steady.  

Also, flavors like caramel apple are becoming more popular because they are branded as a seasonal flavor option which can be sold after Halloween and into Thanksgiving.  One retailer even said that Fall seasonal candy can live on the shelf from July all the way through November.

Gluten-free and peanut free were also trending product options throughout the event. Retailers suggest that if an item is Gluten or peanut free that the packaging should include messaging that indicates that it is safe for people with such dietary restrictions.

Additionally, retailers are looking for larger bag sizes. By increasing the volume per bag, retailers can hit a higher price point with less scans at the register and consumers are not shying away from these increased costs. According to the Wall Street Journal, candy prices jumped 4.2% during October 2015 compared to prices in October of 2014. 

The 2016 Candy Planning: Halloween event will take place at the Westin Cape Coral Resort in Cape Coral, Florida from December 4-6.  For questions or more information about this event, please contact Sarah Davidson at 440-542-3033 or ssweitzer@ECRM.MarketGate.com.

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Photos from the 2015 Candy Planning: Halloween Event:

A little relaxation time after meetings.
Event attendees pose in front of the Christmas tree made of wine bottles and the Chateau Elan Winery.
Once meetings are done attendees get in the holiday spirit!
Dave Fleischer of Promotion in Motion (right) and ECRM's very own Kandi Webster pose for a picture by the tree!
Meals and evening events are the perfect time to connect with others in the industry.
Event attendees networking during the evening events.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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