ECRM Seller Q&A: Skylar Schone, Endevr, Inc.  12/15/2015

ECRM caught up with Skylar Schone, sales manager at St. George, Utah-based Endevr, Inc., a participant at our recent Diabetes event, for an interview about the company, its products, and its mission to help consumers find their inner strength.

ECRM: Please provide an overview of Endevr and its products – including its “origin story.”
ENDEVR is a company based out of St George, Utah, that believes every human being has an inner strength capable of fueling incredible accomplishment. We help people overcome their fears, doubts and critics through innovative products that promote the unconquerable spirit within us all.

MyID helps people to “Be Understood.” Being able to access a personalized medical profile with vitals, emergency contacts, medications, medical documents, etc. brings them a true peace of mind. This medical platform is currently accessed by 35,000 people worldwide. (SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR A MYID USER CASE STUDY)

StrengthTape is the extra strength of body and mind for which all people look. It's the official Kinesiology Tape of IRONMAN, if it's good enough for them why not everyone else? Being the tape that ‘Actually Sticks,’ people everywhere choose StrengthTape no matter the task at hand. 

PureStrength helps people wake up refreshed, more energetic, and ready to conquer life’s tough challenges. Purestrength has larger negative ion readings compared to the competition. This band helps you even when you forget you are wearing it.

What consumer health need and/or trend does the company and its products address?
ENDEVR, specifically the MyID, addresses the need for healthcare improvement. The ability to easily and securely store all your medical information, which can be accessed anywhere, increases awareness for personal medical situations. MyID users communicate with other users who share similar illnesses to help improve each other’s healthcare. They also rate and review medications, insurance agencies, and physicians to ensure they are getting the best treatment.

Your ID bracelets can actually save lives. Can you tell us some cases in which the info on the bracelets has helped a customer?
One MyID user went into epileptic shock and was dropped off at ER with nothing but MyID on her wrist. She was allergic to a lot of medications, particularly seizure medications. Her boyfriend didn't know them all, but she had told him if there was ever a problem, to scan her MyID. The MyID information saved her life.

Another customer was involved in an out-of-state collision. He had an existing neck injury that could have been made worse with improper handling. However, the paramedics saw his MyID bracelet and were able to scan his medical history using his phone, which let them know exactly how to accommodate his existing condition as they treated him.

Endevr has several online communities for people with special medical needs. Can you tell us your goals in developing these communities?
The principal goal with our online communities is to help educate everyone suffering with chronic illness about new products, recipes, services, and programs which directly affect their quality of life. Tens of thousands of readers have benefited from our commitment to help improve everyone’s health care.

What challenges do you face in the market, and how do you address these challenges?
One challenge we face is raising awareness for our MyID products. As we grow globally, we are confident that it will soon reach all who are in search for such a service. We are working with FEMA, an organization who trains first responders, which has implemented a MyID training program to instruct others on usage and functionality. We also attend EMS (Emergency Medical System) events quarterly to increase awareness and knowledge of the MyID platform.

What causes does Endevr support?
We support individuals everywhere who are living with Diabetes, Epilepsy, MS, Breast Cancer, and many other forms of chronic illness. Our foundation partners include: HD Care (Huntingtons Disease), WeHaveAFace, Myocarditis foundation, and the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

What value has Endevr received from participating in ECRM events?
There is an ECRM Event for any company in any situation. I almost feel like it is an incredible secret that I don’t want to reveal.

As we went to the ECRM Diabetic Show in October of 2015 we went in with an unknown faith and left with a treasure of knowledge. We met with forty-five different companies at the event. Not only did we get exposure to the right companies for our target market, but each of the buyers from the various companies were a perfect fit as well. We could call everyday for a year and not schedule a ten-minute meeting with everyone we met with during the three-day event.

The meetings were short but organized. They were just long enough to say what needed to be said. It was the most well-organized event I have attended during the last three years. Out of the forty-five meetings we had, only one company was not interested in carrying our product.

Follow up has been key and because of this event we are now on track to have our product in another 10,000 pharmacies in the next six-to-twelve months. We are excited to have already placed product in Miller Drug Pharmacies with Brookshire Grocery Company on the cusps. The excitement we felt for weeks after the event still drives our sales office today.

We owe a big thank you to ECRM Events and Staff, especially account manager Melissa Pelle, for helping us to succeed.


MyID Sleek Series ID Bracelet-White-Navy
MyID Bracelet

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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