ECRM Events - The Power of Face to Face  12/15/2015

We consider ourselves the matchmakers of the industry.

For over 20 years our event format has helped build strong buyer/supplier relationships. But we do more than put buyers and suppliers into the same room; instead we strategically bring them together.

We do this by pre-qualifying every company in attendance. Then, we pre-schedule private meetings between companies with compatible product categories and capabilities.

It’s a way of doing business that’s simpler, yet more capable than any other format. We find that event attendees save time, increase productivity and go to market faster because they’re able to discuss crucial information with several companies in a short period of time.

Meetings are often used to review new opportunities, sales numbers or ways to move new and niche items into the marketplace. Really, the meeting opportunities discussion topics are endless.

We truly believe in the power of face to face. So join us for the next ECRM event. It’s a better way to do business. 

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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