ECRM Best Practices: Meeting Schedules  12/7/2015

During ECRM events, you’ll spend a few days discussing business initiatives with qualified category partners during a series of pre-scheduled, private meetings.

These back-to-back appointments are strategically arranged based on category responsibility so you only meet with decision makers that can help grow your business. Visit the preparation website to view your appointment list, company profiles and take pre-meeting notes.

The appointment list is also where you can access your preliminary time and date schedule which will be made available 6 weeks before the event.
Keep in mind, schedules are constantly changing and updates are often made just a few days before and even during the event. This is normal; as such changes are made to accommodate last minute registrations and other adjustments. 

To stay on top of these updates, we recommend using our event application ECRM Connect which you can download to your iPad or iPhone by visiting the app store. With ECRM Connect, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date schedule so that you see changes in real time.

For more information about your meeting schedule please reach out to your event account manager or call 440-498-0500.  

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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