ECRM Best Practices: Categories & Profiles  12/3/2015

Collaboration between buyers and suppliers starts here at ECRM events, but, before we get to work scheduling your appointments we’ll need to gather some essential information.

First and most importantly, you must confirm your event categories based on the products you plan to present or review at the event. These category classifications determine which companies are placed on your meeting schedule so it’s imperative that these are accurate and completed as soon as possible.

Next is the company profile. For suppliers this information includes company capabilities, channels of trade along with price points and other details about your business. While buyers define their event focus along with general information like total sales and number of stores.

We’ve found that when attendees do a little research beforehand, their meetings are much more successful. So, make sure to review company profiles before arriving.

For questions about categories and profiles, feel free to contact your account manager or call 440-498-0500.

Use the Event Preparation Website to identify the product categories that you are focusing on at the event as well as to complete your event profile to help attendees learn more about your company and better understand your goals for the event.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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