Phil's 2016 Food Trend Forecast - Trend #2: Have it Your Way  11/19/2015

Shoppers want retailers to recognize and inspire them. Every shopping trip. Every product. Hartman predicts that by 2020 mid-market consumers will become more selective and continue to upgrade their culinary and healthy eating skills. 

Not just for food seeking Millennial’s, or the top 1% - personalization will become pervasive; finally bringing to reality the concept that Martha Rodgers and Don Peppers first wrote about in The One-to-One Future back in 1993. Food retailers will need to curate their offerings, and understand what all of their customers’ wants and desires truly are if they will remain in business and grow and compete with online sellers who continue to hone their algorithms and offerings based on purchase history. 

Preemptive distribution will begin to take hold as shoppers become more familiar with the same price, hand delivery, expert benefits from retailers like Personalization moves from being a plus for some to a must-have for all.

Phil Lempert

Consumer Insight, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Phil Lempert, an expert analyst on consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products and the changing retail landscape, has identified and explained impending trends to consumers and some of the most prestigious companies worldwide. Known as The Supermarket Guru, Lempert is a distinguished author and speaker who alerts customers and business leaders to impending corporate and consumer trends, and empowers them to make educated purchasing and marketing decisions.

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