Event Buzz: Candy Planning - Everyday & Summer Seasonal  10/20/2015

The latest trends in everyday and summer seasonal candy are focused around clean eating. You can’t walk into a store without seeing candy with ‘Gluten Free’ or ‘Non GMO’ slapped across the packaging and this trend was definitely on point at the ECRM Candy Planning: Every Day & Summer Seasonal event.  From room to room buyers couldn’t help but notice the surge in products that boast better for you or local ingredients. One buyer said, “The buyer community is catching on to products with better ingredients. It’s even what some buyers are specifically here to look for.”

The following lists the most popular product and packaging trends seen throughout the event:

Chocolate covered fruits and nuts:
Instead of chocolate covered potato chips or popcorn, it is chocolate covered fruits and nuts that are commanding more of the spotlight. For instance, flavors like coconut to pistachio, were extremely popular. Although still smothered in chocolate, these products allow consumers to indulge their sweet tooth while still being able to stick with a ‘better for you’ option.

Stand up pouches:
From convenience stores to grocery, mass and drug, resealable stand up pouches are taking over the candy aisle and this is directly linked to the better for you movement that is sweeping the industry. You see, with resealable pouches, consumers are able to eat one or two pieces of candy, close the bag and save some for later. This portion control speaks directly to the health conscious consumer.

In addition to the health benefits of resealable stand up pouches, this packaging is also more convenient for those consumers on the go and encourages sharing.

With the rise in cocoa prices manufacturers are releasing more non-chocolate, gummy and sour products to avoid the price surge altogether. One supplier that attended the event said, “Sugar prices have stayed steady which is why we’re seeing sales increase for non-chocolate and sour items.”
With this non-chocolate trend being driven by market prices it will be interesting to see where the industry goes in the future as cocoa prices fluctuate.

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Check out Photos from the Candy Planning: Everyday & Non-seasonal event:

Event attendees enjoying an offsite dinner at the Rawhide Steakhouse.
Some well deserved relaxation time after days packed with meetings.
There is tons of time to network with colleagues during evening entertainment and meals.
Event attendees enjoying dinner at Rawhide Steakhouse.
Attendees mingle during cocktail hour.
When meetings are done it means time to network.
Event attendees enjoy themselves during cocktail hour.
The event is not all work. Attendees have the chance to relax a bit during evening activities and meals.
ECRM staff poses for a group shot.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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