VIDEO: ECRM -- A Better Way to Do Business  9/26/2015

Thousands of companies over the last 20 plus years have turned to ECRM to streamline their buying and selling process. ECRM prequalifies each company early on so we can strategically schedule meetings between buyers and suppliers that share the same product focus and capabilities. The outcome is creating efficiencies by saving valuable time and money. In addition, you meet with decision makers from new and current partners, all in one place at one time.

This one-on-one meeting approach makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to collaboratively define plans around new item launches, promotional opportunities and other planning responsibilities. Meetings are scheduled back-to-back where buyers move from one supplier meeting to the next and, our team of client service representatives are there to keep schedules on track.

But what makes ECRM truly efficient is that every event supported by technology including our ECRM Connect iPad and iPhone application that makes it easy to keep track of meeting information and streamline the follow up process. Through your attendance, you’ll also gain access to sophisticated contact and product management systems that are accessible all year round.

While bringing buyers and sellers together is at the core of what we do, we also believe it is important to bring educational opportunities to our events. You’ll be inspired as the industry’s leading minds present best practices and new ideas around what’s coming next in the category.

The days are busy and certainly productive so we give our customers a chance to take business outside of the meeting room and into a more casual environment during evening events and meals. This relaxed setting gives you the perfect opportunity to network with industry peers and have some fun!

ECRM events are changing the industry, making it easier for companies of all sizes to do business more effectively.

Our event format has proven to be more efficient, effective and simpler than any other format in the industry. See for our tagline below to see how our 50+ events can drive your business forward!

ECRM... A Better Way to do Business.

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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