Updated ECRM Connect App to Include Added Functionality  9/11/2015

ECRM next week will release ECRM Connect Version 3.4, the latest version of its iPad App used by attendees of its events to plan, organize and track their event activities, as well as to help prepare for and follow up on meetings they have during the event.

“ECRM continuously strives to streamline its processes and extend its system functionality,” said Kurt Repola, Chief Architect of ECRM. “Many of the updates included in this latest release are direct suggestions from our clients and will enhance the experience of all ECRM Connect users.”

All past, current and future meeting information is stored within the application and also accessible via the ECRM MarketGate platform 24/7/365, enabling regular attendees to maintain a historical view of their meetings from year to year. In addition to taking meeting notes and making product selections, users at the event can forward this information to colleagues directly from the application, including attachments such as presentations and new item forms.

According to John O’Connell, Sales and Marketing Associate for Reliance Private Label Supplements, Edison, N.J., the ECRM Connect App enables his company to stay aligned with its messaging to buyers from one event to the next. “We’re constantly rolling out new products,” he told ECRM. “Having the ability to know that this is something I mentioned [to a buyer] in January, and now in June we have the product rolling out, I’ll remember to bring it up. These are the kinds of things that can be lost from trip to trip.”

(See below for John’s video interview about the value of using the ECRM Connect App, as well as updated screenshots)

Following is a summary of the ECRM updates along with the benefits they deliver: 

Home Screen
  • Added conditional logic to change the default view based on the user’s previous and upcoming events.
Event Agenda Screen
  • Enhanced user interface and readability by incorporating alternating row colors
  • Added an end time next to an entriy’s start time to provide deeper perspective into the overall agenda
  • Replaced the info button with more descriptive text (e.g. “View Menu” for Lunch, “View Speaker” for the Educational Session) and increased functionality by allowing the user to tap “View Schedule” on the “Planning Session” entries – this will take the user to his or her schedule for that day.
My Meetings Screen
  • Added column headers to the data table for easier viewing
  • Added a meeting length column that provides the user with the each meeting’s duration.
  • If a meeting is not the standard 20 minute length, the text in the meeting time and length columns will turn red providing the user a visual cue that this particular meeting is an exception. For example, 40 minute meetings and 10 minute meetings are colored red because they are not the standard length of 20 minutes.
  • Exit Interviews have been re-named “ECRM Event Debriefings.” Along with this name change, we added functionality to allow the client / user to take notes during their ECRM Event Debriefing. These notes are then available on the ECRM Follow Up website.
Meeting Details Screen
  • Improved note previews to include the note creators name and the date the note was taken. Also shows follow-up information for the note if present.
  • Added functionality to allow the user to select “Featured Products” without clicking into the actual product details screen.
  • A category filter was added to the Select Products Screen, to allow the user to further refine the visible products
  • One of the most significant changes is this release is contained within the Meeting Notes Screen. The left column of “Other Notes” was replaced with a listing of products. This effectively allows the client to take notes and select products within the same screen – eliminating the toggling of pages in the previous versions of ECRM Connect.
  • Eliminated a bug in the Email Meeting Recap screen that was preventing users to see an entire email message due to the text box being cutoff.
If you have further questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at the email below.

Home Screen
Event Agenda Screen
My Meetings Screen
Meeting Details Screen
Reliance Private Label Supplement's John O'Connell on the value of ECRM Connect

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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