Product Showcase: Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy  9/2/2015

As summer ends and we head into cold and flu season, we are showcasing some of the most innovative items that the cough/cold and allergy industry has to offer.

If you haven’t registered already, please join us for the Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy event where buyers from all channels have the opportunity to review products that are just hitting the marketplace along with other great buys.

The Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy event will take place from February 15-19, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida.

For more information about this event and others, feel free to reach out to Lisa Carrillo at

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Here is a sneak peek of just some of the products that will be presented during the upcoming February Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy event:

Blue Stop Max®- created by a general surgeon with Emu Oil and Cetylated Fatty Acids by Clavel Corporation
Honees Cough Drop-Liquid Honey in every drop and vitamin fortified by Andre Prost Inc.
Zim’s Max-Cold Sore Treatment with Purified Propolis Extract ACF® by Perfecta Products
Benzedrex Nasal Decongestant inhaler promotes sinus drainage and temporarily relieves sinus pressure by B.F. Ascher
Crane Travel Humidifier- provides relieving moisture for up to 10 hours by Crane USA
Xlear 1.5 oz Nasal Spray by Xlear
GoGargle! Minty Effervescent Salt Gargle For Sore Throats by GOGargle!
Bentasil - A sugar free lozenge, effective against cold and cough symptoms by Cloetta USA
Veridian 2-Second Thermometer with RATE Technology by Veridian

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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