Presentation Download: Data-Driven Sales Growth  8/12/2015

During ECRM’s Snack, Beverage & Grocery Event, held last month in Arizona, David Mesas, Director of Sales at Miami-based Geoscape, gave a presentation about the Millennials market, its diverse makeup, and the dramatic trend in life stage presence by ethnicity that will have deep implications for marketers in the years and decades that follow.

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Among the topics discussed:

Diversity of Millennials Market

Millennials make up nearly 22 percent of the U.S. Population; most of the larger markets like NY, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and others have a similar range between 19 percent and 23 percent of the population.
  • Over 42 percent of Millennials in the U.S. are Multicultural (Hispanic, Asian, or Black).
  • 69 percent of Millennials in the Miami market shop at Publix.
  • Nearly 75 percent of them are on Facebook.
  • Nearly 72 percent of them NOT exposed to weekday newspapers.
  • 55 percent of them have used a coupon in the past 30 days.
Case Study
The presentation also included a case study on how a global Consumer Packaged Goods company is using data driven insights to grow sales in the U.S. The case study will highlight how companies can:
  • Target Millennials as they grow and become more powerful consumers. 
  • Understand consumer spend by category to optimize product distribution. 
  • Increase sales in under-penetrated retail trade areas by matching product to consumers‘ cultures and tastes. 
  • Enhance retail partner relationships by guiding buyers with very specific shelf-stock recommendations at store level using predictive analytics.
Geoscape provides actionable business intelligence via unique data, technology and analytic services to help its clients access high-growth opportunities in our culturally-diverse business environment.

David Mesas can be reached at (305) 860-1460 or

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David Mesas discussed how to sell to the diverse Millennials market during ECRM's recent Snack, Beverage & Grocery event

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