Presentation Download: Accessing the New American Mainstream  8/12/2015

ECRM’s International Foods event, held last month in Arizona, featured several general sessions addressing multicultural markets both in the U.S. and abroad.

Robert Gordillo, Senior Client Advisor at Miami-based Geoscape, gave a presentation about the changing ethnic landscape of multicultural consumers within the United States present new opportunities for retailers and suppliers.

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Among the topics discussed:

America is increasingly diverse:

  • Over one-third of America’s population is of either Asian/Pacific Islander, Black or Hispanic origin; however, these proportions vary dramatically at the state and metropolitan area levels.
  • The three largest ethnic groups will represent over 128 million people by 2020, with Hispanics representing over half that population. The continued rapid growth in the Hispanic population will result in an aggregate spending worth that has become difficult to ignore—making it more important and strategic for corporations to shift their investment priorities.
  • Younger age groups are made up from a more diverse population and vice versa. This dramatic trend in life stage presence by ethnicity will have deep implications for marketers in the years and decades that follow.
Addressing Diverse Cultures
Companies need to engineer (or re-engineer) to serve diverse cultures. Key differences exist across various dimensions:
  • Multicultural consumer density.
  • National origin.
  • Values.
  • Perceptions.
  • Acculturation levels.
  • Brand and category development.
  • Media consumption levels.
There is good news:
  • Data and experiences will help you navigate the change — and capture the growth

Geoscape provides actionable business intelligence via unique data, technology and analytic services to help our clients access high-growth opportunities in our culturally-diverse business environment.

Robert Gordillo can be reached at (305) 860-1460 or

Robert Gordillo, Senior Client Advisor, Geoscape

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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