Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition Event Presentation Now Available  8/2/2015

During ECRM's Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition Event, held last month in Tampa, Fla., Brad Nix, a Partner with New York-based Brand Chorus, discussed the findings of Brand Chorus' research on the social media conversations taking place around the topics of diet, vitamins, and sports nutrition. 

Here are some highlights from his presentation:

The Internet is a major source of health information:
  • 70 percent of Americans use the internet to get health information, and to help them make decisions throughout all aspects of the health journey
  • 31 percent of online teens get health, dieting, or physical fitness information from the internet
Fitness enthusiasts are highly active, engaged, and influential:
  • They drive engagement from their network of friends
  • They are 8x more likely to share
  • They are 4x more likely to have friends click their shares
  • If provided with substantial content, they are highly likely to promote to their networks

Health Apps are HUGE (a $1.3 billion+ industry):
  • There are currently more than 40,000 health apps
  • The category is growing 87 percent faster than the entire mobile app industry
  • This number will quadruple by 2016
Click here to download the full presentation

Brad Nix, Partner with Brand Chorus, presenting at ECRM's Diet, Vitamin, and Sports Nutrition event

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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