Building Your Beauty/Personal Care Business with Walgreens  8/13/2015

Selling into a retail chain as large as Walgreens can be a formidable challenge for even the largest supplier, let alone a fledgling player. To help smooth the path, Shannon Curtin, Walgreens’ group vice president and general merchandise manager for beauty and personal care, recently offered a primer on how to partner with the growing retailer.

Delivered during a first-of-its-kind webinar sponsored by ECRM, her message was clarion clear — Walgreens intends to amp up its beauty business with innovative products, especially concepts filling white space, while lessening reliance on promotional pricing as the primary customer draw. She encouraged manufacturers to be totally transparent in their dealings with the retailer as a means to build mutually profitable businesses.

(The download is published with permission of Chain Drug Review, which was a media partner on the Walgreens Webcast).

Suppliers interested in connecting with Walgreens beauty and personal care buyers, contact Lisa Carillo, SVP of HBC, ECRM at  (440) 528-0427, or

Shannon Curtin, Group Vice President/General Merchandise Manager - Beauty & Personal Care, Walgreens

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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