What's Hot at the Hair & Ethnic Hair Event.  7/13/2015

The hair care and ethnic hair care categories have always been a large part of the beauty assortment and their popularity continues to grow. According to Alyssa Riccardelli, Category Business Manager, Health & Beauty at Daymon Worldwide, Inc. “The multicultural beauty consumer is becoming the norm. By 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that white chil¬dren will account for less than half of the under-18 popu¬lation. It is critical for beauty products to target particular ethnicities as beauty regimes and cultural nuances differ by ethnicities – a one size fits all approach will not work.” (view the full Ethnic Beauty Q&A with Alyssa Riccardelli)

Consumers are calling for new and innovative products that not only offer them something unique to accommodate their needs but they are also looking for something that they haven’t seen before. 

During the ECRM Hair Care and Ethnic Hair Care events held in mid-June, suppliers presented a variety of trending items to buyers. These products fell into a wide range but the most popular were braids, head wraps, detangling brushes and products specific to hair texture. In addition, several regrowth and color items were shown. For instance, color streaks were popular along with gray hair coloring systems like root cover up products. One manufacturer that attended the event said that in terms of color, they are seeing more and more deep reds as a color choice. 
Of course natural and organic products held strong throughout the event as items that contain oils like coconut and agagon along with other natural ingredients like shea butter and honey were the talk of the show. One online retailer said “I saw a lot of oils; coconut, macadamia and a couple of new ones that I wasn’t expecting.” Natural and organic products have not just taken the hair care category by storm but have really transformed product assortments from the grocery aisle to personal care and beauty, making it no surprise that the hair category is following suit. 

The 2016 Hair Care & Multicultural event is being held June 6-9 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. ***Please note, the multicultural portion of the event will take place from June 7-9, 2016

Make sure to register while there are still spots available.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing


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