ECRM/Drug Store News Webcast: Sun Care Promotional Practices  5/8/2015

During the May 7, 2015 ECRM/Drug Store News webcast on Sun Care Promotion Practices, ECRM Lead Business Intelligence Analyst Tanie Andraos and Coppertone/Bayer Healthcare LLC. Customer Development Manager Scott Avers discussed trends in Sun Care promotions and merchandising.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • Year-over-year promotional trends for the Sun Care category among retailers and brands
  • Seasonal timing of Sun Care promotions, as well as the variety of tactics and assortments promoted across different regions
  • Integration of Sun Care promotions with other “Outdoor Lifestyle” product promotions, such as patio furniture, grilling products, outdoor sporting items, and travel-sized items for vacations during summer and Spring Break
  • The role of private brands in Sun Care promotions, including co-promotions with branded items, promotional tactics, and private brand differentiation.
  • Is a hot price more or less important than frequent features?
The presentations were followed by a live Q&A with viewers.

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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