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Checklane, Front End & Impulse

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - Friday, January 25, 2013

Suppliers of products in the General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care, Candy/Snacks, Beverages, and Books/Magazines categories will present and review new programs, marketing initiatives and promotional opportunities for placement at checklane, front-end, clipstrips and other secondary merchandising locations to retailers across all channels.

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Melinda Young
SVP General Merchandise
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Lisa Carrillo
SVP Health & Beauty Care
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Sarah Davidson
Senior Vice President of Grocery
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We had a great few days in San Antonio, TX at our Checklane, Front End & Impulse event. We got to see companies big and small establish new relationships and build upon current partnerships during one-on-one meetings and now, it's follow up time! With our cutting-edge business technology, we are able to support buyers and suppliers throughout the entire event process. From event preparation to meetings during the event and now, we also support the follow up process with the ECRM Connect application and our follow up site. With our tools, sending follow up emails and completing retail forms can be done quickly and efficiently.

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LaCantera Hill Country Resort
San Antonio, TX
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Registration is now closed for this event. Please join us for next year's event.

All requests for registration are subject to review and approval by ECRM. Additional limitations may apply, and certain ECRM benefits are subject to eligibility requirements. Please contact us Melinda Young at 440-248-2190 or for further details or with any questions.

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