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Tuesday, April 2, 2019
TIP Session - Thought Interaction Pods
60 minutes
TIP, short for Thought Interaction Pods, will take place Tuesday afternoon.

The session gives participants the opportunity to discuss relevant industry topics in a round table format with fellow industry professionals sitting at the table.

Pod/Table 1: Kelley Fechner, Director - Customer Solutions at Datassential 
Topic: Grocerant 2029 - What Offerings Will Grocery Chains Have 10 Years From Now Do To Better Service Their Customers To Compete With Other On-Premise Eating Options? 

Pod/Table 2:  Michael Hahn, General Manager at Diversified Marketing
Topic: MEGATREND - Better For You - What Can Retailers Do At Their Foodservice Offerings To Capitalize On The Healthy Mega Trend That Has Been Driving Sales In The Industry?

Pod/Table 3: Stephanie Nicklos, Director of Foodservice at ECRM
Topic: Outside Forces - What Outside Forces Challenge The Growth Of Retail Foodservice and How Can We Compete Against Them?  (ie - Online Sales, Home Delivery, Restaurants, Others?)

Pod/Table 4:  David Arens, DMM - Consumable at Exchange
Topic: Competing With On-Premise:  Discuss Creative Ways We Have Seen Retailers Compete and Drive Traffic To Their Stores Through Foodservice Offerings.  What Is Working and What Is Not?
Multiple Speakers
Multiple Companies
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
The Many Layers/Flavors of Competition for Grocerants
50 minutes
Grocerants have more competition than the average restaurant. Consumers at lunch have restaurant competition, but the dinner consumer competes with restaurants, cooking a meal at home, or even a take and bake/heat meal. Datassential has the top trends in foods and can help drive traffic with safe experimentation. Grocerants are best situated to take advantage of these trends. Don’t miss learning about how to harness these trends.

Kelley Fechner brings over 20 years of foodservice insights experience to Datassential. She has worked on initiatives spanning the entire menu, from beverages through desserts, supporting global insights, and new product development. As Director, Client Solutions, Kelley is focused on providing relevant, actionable insights to her customers, as well as developing new products and services to help advance the use of market research and insights in the foodservice industry.
Kelley Fechner, Director of Customer Solutions