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Industry Contacts
Take control of your network with the Industry Contacts Tool, a powerful database that contains contact information and communication resources for thousands of people in the CPG industry.
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Search & Communicate With Contacts

Whether you’re looking to seamlessly manage your customer relationships or source fresh leads, the Contacts tool has the features you need to maximize your network. Search the industry by company, category and even region to review contact information that fits within the context of your search.


Are you looking to meet with a certain beverage buyer or are you on the hunt for additions to your school supply planogram? Search the Contacts tool and gather the most up to date contact information for the correct person at a company or search for a list of several companies that fall within your criteria.

Address Books

Create personalized address books to keep contact information organized. Whether your address books are structured by category, company type or target lists, this personalization feature keeps your industry information neatly arranged for more effective communication practices.

Start Meetings & Take Notes

By leveraging the Notes feature, documenting and organizing key meeting details is a one step process. With a complete note history available, the Notes tool helps you paint the entire client story from initial contact to closing the deal. The Notes feature is also the perfect resource to take outside of an ECRM EPPS and into your client office visits. It’s simple, just search for a contact and start taking notes!

Company Profiles

As your business evolves we’re here to help manage your needs. We understand the importance of collaboration which is why we’ve made thousands of broker, service, consultant and rep profiles available. Search Company Profiles to connect with experts across the industry so that you can share winning practices to accelerate every stage of the business process.