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It is our goal to successfully provide business solutions to buyers and sellers across the CPG industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At ECRM, we value all things that move business forward.

Our mission is to strengthen the business practices of our clients by offering unique events that are supported by innovative technology solutions. By making our client base the focal point of our business we quickly identify growing trends and changes that are taking place in the industry. With an ear to the ground we find new and better solutions that can make a difference while continuing to foster a drive for innovation and efficiency in an ever changing environment. We are passionately committed to providing a truly exceptional client experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere and look forward to developing solutions that pave a new path for the consumer packaged goods industry.


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Greg Farrar
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Nelson
Chief Financial Officer

Jim Rice
Chief Information Officer

Mitch Bowlus
Senior Advisor/Board Member

Charlie Bowlus


We believe in total honesty with our customers, our teammates and most importantly, ourselves.

Quality & Focus.

We focus on excellence and always strive to go above and beyond expectations at all times.


Every day we look for new and better ways to serve the needs of our clients.

Hard Work.

Our dedication leads to the success of our clients, our organization and ourselves as individuals.

  •  Health Guard attended ECRM’s Checklane, Front-End, and Impulse event for the first time and found the schedule of meetings with buyers to be very high quality. MarketGate Mobile software has been very useful for us to manage our activity at the event and assist us with follow-up. We have also participated in Vitamin, Diet, and Sports Nutrition with ECRM and will be looking into doing other ECRM events in the future. 

    Bruce Smith - HealthGuard Wellness LLC

  •  The MarketGate technology is amazing. It provides a centralized point to access all the follow-up information with not only the people that we met at the show, but other target customers as well. It’s an excellent tool. 

    Gregg Raffensperger - Delizza Patisserie

  •  Everyone who attended ECRM’s Meal Solutions for Convenience Channels EPPS was very impressed with the MarketGate software package and their overall service. The innovations of their program definitely provide a value-added service to both distributors and suppliers. The software they provide prior to, during and after their events is an excellent tool that suppliers quickly realized to be very beneficial. 

    John Boylan - Berks Packing Co

  •  The MarketGate Mobile note-taking software is simple, easy to use and provides an easy channel for follow-up. We can keep track of our schedule and take notes easily. The software capabilities on the site are a bit more robust than will apply for our business but we are very satisfied with the applications we have used. 

    Drew Tombs - ATC Group, Inc.

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