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It is our goal to successfully provide business solutions to buyers and sellers across the CPG industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At ECRM, we value all things that move business forward.

Our mission is to strengthen the business practices of our clients by offering unique events that are supported by innovative technology solutions. By making our client base the focal point of our business we quickly identify growing trends and changes that are taking place in the industry. With an ear to the ground we find new and better solutions that can make a difference while continuing to foster a drive for innovation and efficiency in an ever changing environment. We are passionately committed to providing a truly exceptional client experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere and look forward to developing solutions that pave a new path for the consumer packaged goods industry.


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Greg Farrar
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Nelson
Chief Financial Officer

Mitch Bowlus
Senior Advisor/Board Member

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We believe in total honesty with our customers, our teammates and most importantly, ourselves.

Quality & Focus.

We focus on excellence and always strive to go above and beyond expectations at all times.


Every day we look for new and better ways to serve the needs of our clients.

Hard Work.

Our dedication leads to the success of our clients, our organization and ourselves as individuals.

  •  I chose this specific event because it was a great opportunity to see specific product types without wading through an entire show of products I am not interested in. This show has much value since I found many products I was looking for in less time than I would have otherwise. This event has helped me expand my business with exposure to great products and companies for current and future products. ECRM provides retailers with one on one personal attention with specific attention to the retailer’s needs. 

    Donald Wright - Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

  •  ECRM is by far one of the best trade shows that I attend in the country. They work very hard to understand the buyers needs in addition to the sellers. The meetings are very organized and timely. It is a great opportunity to see what is on trend in the marketplace. Every aspect of your travel is taken care of, including flights accommodations and meals. It is a great and valuable event! 

    Eileen Strotz - Six Flags, Inc.

  •  ECRM offers a very efficient organized way for buyers and suppliers to interact! The show is very organized and the service is exceptional. I like the setup because it gives me the ability to see suppliers I might have otherwise missed. Nice events. Great way to network with other buyers and suppliers. 

    Brandon Smith - Six Flags, Inc.

  •  ECRM is now a regular part oft conference schedule. The one on one interactions have yielded good results and solid initiatives each time I have attended the meeting 

    Nick Calla - Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy

  •  This was our first time to attend ECRM and the experience was very good. I really liked how we had the full attention of the buyers and they were focused during our one-on-one meetings. Using the ECRM Connect software on the iPad was a great plus, helping us to manage our efforts at the event. 

    Larry Deal - CoPak Solutions Inc.

  •  I came to the very first ECRM Front-End event (in 2010) and have been coming ever since. What we’ve found that we liked with this Fixture Review the most is that we had our own fixture present and we are seeing the buyer in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings in front of the product we’re trying to sell. 

    Frank Bishop - Innovative Fixture Solutions, LLC

  •  The perfect venue to make new contacts. At most trade shows, it is highly unusual to have 20 min one-on-one conversations to understand the customer’s needs and see if it’s a mutual fit. We have no hesitation to return next year and of course, the old rule still applies- will only find success with follow up! 

    Robina Bernard - Clik-Clik Systems Inc

  •  Health Guard attended ECRM’s Checklane, Front-End, and Impulse event for the first time and found the schedule of meetings with buyers to be very high quality. MarketGate Mobile software has been very useful for us to manage our activity at the event and assist us with follow-up. We have also participated in Vitamin, Diet, and Sports Nutrition with ECRM and will be looking into doing other ECRM events in the future. 

    Bruce Smith - HealthGuard Wellness LLC

  •  The MarketGate technology is amazing. It provides a centralized point to access all the follow-up information with not only the people that we met at the show, but other target customers as well. It’s an excellent tool. 

    Gregg Raffensperger - Delizza Patisserie

  •  Everyone who attended ECRM’s Meal Solutions for Convenience Channels EPPS was very impressed with the MarketGate software package and their overall service. The innovations of their program definitely provide a value-added service to both distributors and suppliers. The software they provide prior to, during and after their events is an excellent tool that suppliers quickly realized to be very beneficial. 

    John Boylan - Berks Packing Co

  •  The MarketGate Mobile note-taking software is simple, easy to use and provides an easy channel for follow-up. We can keep track of our schedule and take notes easily. The software capabilities on the site are a bit more robust than will apply for our business but we are very satisfied with the applications we have used. 

    Drew Tombs - ATC Group, Inc.

  •  The value of ECRM events is the time savings. It takes me out of the office, where I am not interrupted by phone calls and/or emails. ECRM helps expand my business by giving me an opportunity to spend more time with vendors, and validating the right assortment. ECRM also provides useful software that will allow me to work on a spreadsheet which will help me plan better for the next season. I am looking forward to the next event! 

    Barry Phillips - SpartanNash

  •  Utilizing ECRM is extremely helpful when it comes to seasonal planning. Having ECRM facilitate my meeting schedule, samples, vendor requests, item tagging, etc. allows me time to focus my strategy and planning of the season. ECRM is flexible and adapts well to change, open to feedback, reacts quickly to requests, and has friendly and engaging staff. I appreciate all that the ECRM team does for me and my business! 

    Maureen Keenan - CVS Health

  •  I was intrigued by the smooth logistics and the always kind manner in which the ECRM personnel addressed questions, requests, and comments from those attending the School & Office event. My sincerest congratulations and compliments on a job well done! 

    Paul Sumner - Mancon

  •  The meetings went very well, my take away for the Company as a whole was very productive. The entire event was very impressive, from the execution, day to day business, food and entertainment. The ECRM Team from my perspective did an awesome job with execution. 

    Glenda Fikes - Marsh Supermarkets

  •  Attending ECRM was a great experience. It was one of the most effective ways to see a large number of suppliers and their submissions in a short amount of time. Especially when compared to the amount of time at the office that is dedicated to email follow-up and meetings, this 2 day event gave me back 2 full weeks in my calendar. The event was well organized and the quality of suppliers was excellent: from global suppliers of tier 1 retailers to start-ups with innovative items looking to make a difference in the market. I’d recommend ECRM to any retail manager responsible for a disparate number of sub-categories. 

    Scott McKay - Canadian Tire Corp

  •  ECRM events are a great way to network and find new ways or ideas to create value propositions for your business. The ECRM team takes care of all your travel and accommodation details- making it easy to participate without having to coordinate arrangements. Just gaining one or two contacts or leads makes the whole event worthwhile. 

    Mike Fox - Pilot Flying J

  •  ECRM is an extremely efficient use of my time to meet with numerous vendors. We are in the initial stage of developing new checkout concepts and saw some innovative concepts at the show. ECRM provides a personalized experience that other trade events simply cannot. 

    Steve Manley - CVS Health

  •  We chose this event to see a wide range of Halloween products in a short amount of time. I think this show has a lot of value in saving us time having meetings in two days. ECRM introduced us to a few vendors we had never seen before and vendors we look forward to doing business within the future. 

    Liza McGill - The H.T. Hackney Co.

  •  I chose ECRM to obtain better pricing for the season and I find value in discounts provided by vendors and seeing new, upcoming trends. ECRM has helped me expand my business by finding better pricing and allows me to see a large base of vendors at their events. 

    Bret Baer - Affiliated Foods, Inc.

  •  ECRM gives us the opportunity to focus our efforts on specific categories and areas of interest. The events are orchestrated in a manner that maximizes the use of our time from time of arrival to time of departure. We attend Grocery, Candy and GM events each year. The events give us access to new suppliers who are not familiar with our company. In addition, ECRM events work well in giving us time in front of existing suppliers who may not visit our market on a regular basis. We attended the Fixture Review event for the first time this year and are pleased with the contacts we made in regards to check lane merchandisers and point of purchase gondola merchandising tools. 

    Bob Swanson - URM (United Retail Merchants)

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